Uber VPN

Did you run out of mobile data while trying to book an Uber? Sigh. Now you have to connect to the public Wi-Fi to proceed. Fortunately, you have just downloaded a free VPN app that can help keep your connection secure even when using an unsecured network. Curious as to how it works and help you safely book Uber? If yes, you’re in the right place!

Online ride-hailing apps such as Uber have made it easier for people to go to their destinations no matter where their current location is. All they have to do is open the app, pin their location, and book; and it would just take barely five minutes to get rides. However, this convenience requires an uninterrupted internet connection. This is often the reason why most users have no choice but to connect to public networks when the need arises. That’s where the problem lies. Since public networks are unsecured, users could be setting themselves up for potential identity theft and data manipulation.

But not with a reliable digital tool. To those unaware, here’s how you can safely book your Uber rides even when connected to a public network with the help of a free VPN app.

Free VPN to safely book Uber

In essence, a Virtual Private Network or a VPN is a software tool that redirects your online traffic to a secret pathway, away from the normal route. This process is called data encryption. Doing this secures your data and prevents intruders from prying on your personal information. Therefore, even if you’re accessing Uber, or any apps for that matter, using the public Wi-Fi, you can guarantee a safe internet experience.

But wait, wouldn’t the VPN service affect your pinned location? To answer the most common question with regards to using a VPN for Uber, no it wouldn’t cause any disruption. Take note that a VPN service only changes your IP address or your online identity and not your GPS location. And so, you can use Uber as you normally would, only safer.

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